Betterhumans Welcomes Collaboration

Collaborate with Betterhumans

Betterhumans welcomes both academic and commercial researchers interesting in collaborating on the analysis of samples from supercentenarians.

Collaborate with Betterhumans

From 2010 through 2016, James Clement has traveled around the World to meet with supercentenarians, taking blood samples or obtaining post-mortem tissue samples from those who passed away before a blood draw was taken.

James has so far collected approximately 60 samples, of which 45 have been whole-genome sequenced on Illumina's platform. The majority were sequenced in late 2016 on an Illumina HiSeq x Ten machine by Veritas Genetics. We will make both BAM and VCF files available to researchers who agree to collaborate with Betterhumans. We also have available the 19 supercentenarian genomes from Stuart Kim's lab, which were released to the public in 2014.

Please contact James Clement at Betterhumans to request access to the above data.

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Participate in the Betterhumans Supercentenarian Research Study!

We are actively seeking participants at least 105 years old and their family members.